Saturday, July 30, 2005

I'm going to do what I want when I want and then they'll lock me up for twenty to life

If I had just five minutes with any of the brain trust in Washington, that sits on it's morally high ground and tries to save us from oursleves, Iwould say why is it perfectly acceptable to blow away as many people with as many different weapons in a game, but you show five minutes of softcore simulated sex and we need to protect our children. You would think that "our children" wouldn't have this game in the first place because of the violence, which in my estimation is much more dangerous and influential on a young persons mind than the fact that you can have sex with someone on this game. And don't get me wrong, I own all of the GRand Theft Auto games and love them to death, but ti strikes as oh so hyporctitical, that someone's who husband as president exposed a whole generation of young minds to the meaning of the term "oral sex" should get all high and mighty that there's a scene in this game that you, may I add, have to go through some considerable amount of trouble to open on this game, I am so sick and tired with the double standard in our country towards sex and violence. It's all right to portray a car shaking, simulating having sex, and then run the hooker over after....but a scene with just sex???? How dare we. It's no doubt the Europians laugh at us on a daily basis based on how backward our government's ideals are. God forbid we should ever have open and frank discussions or depictons of sex in this country. Blow up and maim all the bodies you want, kill all the people you want...that's perfectly all right. Not to metion the fact, senator, that it's all FUCKING MAKE BELIEVE!!!!!! The problem is not that these things existys, but rathe rthat people off so called-importance place such a realistic and inflated view of these things in society and as a result, they become self-fulfilling prophecies. These in turn, provide the hyprocracy of Washington with more faux reasons why inf act they need to pass more laws and bills to take away more of our rights to protect ourselves from oursleves. And then wehn anybody questions it, they use the convienent excuse of "Well, Grand Theft Auto is not what the founding father's had in mind when they created the Bill Of Rights." What makes these people any more intuitive to the founding father's intent than you or me....i'll tell you. Nothing.

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