Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Teeing off when you don't even play golf.

I'm tired.

Tired of this.

Tired of that.

Tired of people promising and not delivering.

Tired of people who re-live the past and no you can't go home again.

Tired of being interested when it only lasts for a glimpse.

Tired of yelling and screaming.

Tired of not sleeping. Well.

Tired of staying up for nothing.

Tired of waitng for repsonses from people who will never answer.

Tired of the old way things used to be.

Tired of hot summers and patterns that seemingly never end.

Tired of being alone.

Tired of being around people.

Tired of the way that people complain about life and do nothing to fix it.

Tired of you.

Tired of me.

Tired of people who mean well but will never change.

Tired of people carbon copying the greatest thing they saw or heard yesterday.

Tired of the bags under my eyes.

Tired of being lulled into a great conversation with no follow up.

Tired of being jaded.

Tired of being eternally at the wrong time and place.

Tired of wrong times and places.

Tired of waiting for tomorrow and something better.

Tired of waiitng for "the next thing".

Tired of chasing after people who stopped talking for no reason known to me.

I'm tired of being tired.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

They just don't make sitcom stars like they used to.

Fuck you, Conrad Bain.
Fuck you, Todd Bridges.
Fuck you, Dana Plato.
Fuck you, Gary Coleman.
Fuck you, Charlotte McRae.
Fuck you, Mindy Cohn.
Fuck you, Kim Fields.
Fuck you, Nancy McKeon.
Fuck you, Cloris Leachman.
Fuck you, Jimmy Walker.
Fuck you, John Amos.
Fuck you, Joyce DeWitt.
Fuck you, Ted Knight.
Fuck you, Gavin McLeod.
Fuck you, Rene Auberjonouis.
Fuck you, Robert Guilliume.
Fuck you, Billy Crystal.
Fuck you, Richard Mulligan.
Fuck you, Kristy McNichol.
Fuck you, Bob Denver.
Fuck you, Alan Mchale Jr.
Fuck you, Redd Foxx.
Fuck you, Grady Wilson.
Fuck you, Sherman Helmsley.
Fuck you, Fred "Rerun" Berry.
Fuck you, Anna Marie Horsford.
Fuck you, Emmanuel Lewis.
To be continued......

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Prone Mortal Form/Innocents
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

If we're not talking, then why are we still here?

If you don't let yourself become involved, you can't be dissapointed with the outcome.

Keep telling yourself that kid, and you'll end up on top.

Mother. Fucker.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Your brother looks like a hooker too.

So Stolen Bike Crusade started back in 2000. November to be more exact. December 8, 2000 was out very first show (after which we began the long, winding path of new members) on what is now WUML, and what was then WJUL, guests of the show that will always be "Live From The Fallout Shelter". It was a new endevour that we all had hopes for, but that most of all we did because it was fun and we liked to create music. Be the music good or bad, (and you talk to those of us from the early days we would probably discuss the older songs as....underdeveloped seems a fair word) we were creayting and having fun and that was the important part.
It's now June of 2006. This makes the band officially my longest relationship in my still short life. It's astounding that through the breakups (one of which fueled half of the first SBC record, the other major relationship having fueled almost exclusively another two years of music after that) with female sin my life, even when it has at times seemed t be on life support, this band has been the most solid, rocksteady thing I've had.

Someone asked me earlier this week, as I am now also a member of Bury the Needle, which band I liked more. THis is honestly and wholly an unfair question for many reasons. Mostly though because really when you create music with other people, the outcome of that creation realy can be attributed to your children. You don't play favorites with your children. Certainly at certain times, becaus eof the ways the songs make you feel, you may be more fond of something in one song then another, but goinbg back listening to old songs today, I realized, warts and all, I'm proud that SBC was able to create these thigns that, at least in some people we've heard from, creates a visceral feeling that is hard to explain but involes emotion and thanks from the part of the listener.

You work hard over that period of time to craft these things. And over time I know I've learned and become a much better singer and lyricist. But at the end of the day all the becomes important are the end product you produce, and how you interpret that end product when youa ttempt to recreate it live.

People often ask when is it the right time to give up...break up the band so to speak. We're in the enviable positon in this band that we are all friends (mind you friends who sometimes lose touch with each other over a period time because smetimes communication is just hard to come by), and nt only friends but people who seem to connect when we get in a room. ALthough we haven't practiced in almost seven months, haven't played a show in six, and probably haven't all been in a room togethe rin at least a couple months, when we get togetehr and practice, it's like home again. The songs fit like a snug glove....the commeradirie and inside jokes begin again in an instant. And it makes you feel good again.

People talk about this elusive "rock star dream". It's all bullshit and none of it means anything. The record industry has deteriorated to a point where it's next to impossible to have a hit anything anymore. So all you do is expose your music to as many people as possible and hope it graps on to a few. You mentally move on at a certain point but realization of reality and actually doing what youw ant to do are completely non-exclusive.

I see bands now who hype themselves up and think they're going to live this rock star dream, get signed to a major label, be on the cover of rolling stone, get their own Gucci ad and it makes me sad. Because these are the people who have forgotten what the music meant. IT's not about who can help witht he most shows, it's not about banner ads, it's not about photo shoots and who produced your new album to make it all sqeaky clean and compressed sounding. IT's about playing the's about people hearing the music. People who don't want to be press whores don't seek it out.

I recently heard Iggor (new spelling) Cavalera describe that he was leaving Speltura because he had lost the fire. That's incredibly disheartening to hear a founding member of one of your favorite bands has lost the fire to create anymore. Frightening because if it can happen to him, it can happen to anybody.

Which brings me full circle. Novermber of 2000 to July of 2006. Bigger bands lasted half that long. And while I can't predict the future or what will happen, I can say that one thing practice tonight taught me was that I haven't lost any fire. As a matter of fact I have more fire to do more things, if anything. facets of all the bands I love the different facets and ways I can express myself differently through the stylistic changes of each the band sI'm in. It makes each wholly unique, but not in a way that I have to think about...not in a way where I have to conciously change. It all happens organically. If I could be in 12 bands right now I would for that reason alone.

3 will just have to do for now.

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The Sufferer and the Witness
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

"For those I love I will sacrifice..."

These shorts were sacrificed tonight for the greater good of rock and roll.

Never jump up on a stool when in homemade shorts and playing the rock music. People may unfairly mark you an exhibitionist.

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