Friday, July 22, 2005

Despite what you may think...this house is not vacant...

This is the thing I hate most about New England....the fact that you can practically swim through the air even at one in the morning. With nothing else but the sweat on my back and forehead, I can't think of anything, other than being sick, that I love least. And the air makes it so uncomfortable, that you can't even fall asleep comfortably. It's like s teambath in a spa that i never paid for. Or maybe I'm blaming the obvious for my sudden discomfort, but it seems this is the first time in a long time that I've not been able to sleep. It's l;ike some giant sun is baking me from within and I can do nothing to stop it. Oh well, what can ytou do but just grin and bear it. And when I'm falling asleep at my cubicle tomorrow, entering orders, waiting for the moment I can leave for the weekend and go help with some backing vocals, and as I clear my throat all day long, trying to rifd the remenats of this summer cold I've had all week, I can always blame the weather right? My boss will understand. And when your in this state, overtired but unable to sleep, the weirdest thoughts jump into your head. LIke the wedding your about to go to and be abest man at. Or the bachelor party your throwing that precludes said wedding. Or the wedding your going to the week before that. And suddenly all these people around you are deciding to spend the rest of their lives with each other, and you feel absolutley no need to make a permanent decsion like that yet. And your okay with that decision. But you can't understand why nobody else is. And let me just end with this, maybe the reason you don't see me anymore is because i'm tired of the interregations about who i'm seeing and why i'm not with anyone right now. Just because you think being single is tre not chic, does not make that the be all end all. And no I don't want to go out with your friend. I'm two things for sure patience and picky. When did these become dirty four letter words all of a sudden?

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