Sunday, July 17, 2005

The punchline to the greatest inside joke I've ever had is "Just Churchin"...

People should be honest. As people, this is what we do best. Get down to nitty gritty and expose out true feelings for eveyone to see. If you can't deal, then your not being honest with yourself. This has been seriously the weirdest two weeks of my life. And i have a feeling it's only going to get weirder. Remember that friend you had a while back who thought you had gone completely off the deep end so she stopped talking to you? If she's not in Syracuse, then where the fuck exactly is she? I wish I coud blame the drugs, but there were no drugs there to blame. Just my own insecurities as a human being. And those will probably be there forever. If your not understanding this, then you don't know a lot about me. And no one put there is ever going to understand all of this, because that's how much of myself I won't expose to anyone. But stream-of-conciousness IS the wave of the future, and I just got that gold medal in surfing for catching the biggest most gnarly one.

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