Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let's welcome Hollywoods favorite token asian dude, Pat Morita!!!

There's a fine line between honoring someone's wishes and fulfilling a storybook fairy tale ending. While we all think we're hoeless romantics looking for that next slice of happy ending the end of the day we're all just that much happier to be alone. Which is scary at the times when you think you might need another person by your side. It seems, by no choice of my own, that I've been surrounded by rejection and failing relationships the last month or so. And while I hope I am not without a home soon, I got the first inkling today that I may have to move soon and that distresses me mostly because I'm settled and while I'm a firm belivier that you should shake things up when your unhappy, for the most part, my state of mind, despite the negative things going on, is the opposite of happy right now.. All this turbulent news and somehow I'm powerless to do anything about it all. Coach, take me out of the game....I don't think I can pitch with this smile on my face anymore.....

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