Sunday, August 07, 2005

The boon of wisdom and the sage of advice...

Strippers are the most honest, forthright people you can meet. If you ask them to be totally honest and up front about something they will be, no hold bars. And there's no pre conceived notions of what your relationship with them is, you want to see them naked, and theyw ant to take your money. Little did I realize however, how theraputic talking to a stripper with none of these pre-coceived notions of sex or relationships. because sometimes, for a second at least, it's not all about seeing another person naked on the stage in front of you but getting to know, even for a brief second, someone who makes a lot of money tkaing of her clothes to fulfill some dudes fantasy that he could every be with her. But wait I've gotten off topic. What I really wanted to say is that the common misconception about a woman who takes her clothes of for money is that she's dumb and can find no better job than this. But that's not it at all in reality is it?

Just note this...if you spend an hour in a strip club talking to someone who's job it is to take her clothes off in front of you, but instead you talk about a girl who's job it isn't to take her clothes off in front of you, and the adult entertainer says, you know there might be something to should probably listen to that advice.

Whether you can do something with it or not.....

And don't ask me how we got into that conversation because that was after much Jager and Tequila...but what I was left with was the wisdom of a stripper...and it's not something to be taken lightly...

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