Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why does Henry know all the things that we should know?

Having just watched a documentary on IFC, I'm completely disgusted at what we've allowed to happen amongst my generation, our music, our culture in general. The generation below us has nothing to look for in terms of a model because we as a geneartion have been so lacadasical and lazy that we've provided them with nothing. These bands from the 70's and into the 80's embodied what it meant to be punk rock because not only were they not afraif to voice their opinons but they didn't hold themselves back from anything. Much like the terms grunge of the 90's, emo of the 2000's this term punk was simply characterized through the media and what labels put on it. But at the end of the day it's actually PUNK ROCK...two words equally reliant on each other in what these bands did. Christ, when Daryll Jennifer tells you he never thought what his band was was hardcore and that he didn't even fucking know what that was and that he thought it was simply conected to pornography not a type of music it really spells it out. It's not anything that can be releagted to a simple word or phrase but rather si something that can't be named. I, along with anybody else from my generation should take responsibility for all the crap that sounds exactly the same out there because we have provided no sort of model for thos ekids to follow. Where has it all gone? As I approach thirty I actually think I'm more pissed off about everything more now than i was ten years ago. It's time for us to not just bacl\k a type of music or a movement, but rather an over all aestethtic. We must begin to lead our young social siblings into the next decade that challenges what we're told are the majority thoughts and opions of our current society, much like the Dead Kennesdy's and Black Flag and Minor Threat and Bad Brains challenged us. We have to do more to point out what is going on in our world. We should all be livid. We've slept for long enough.

We're long overdue for a new revolution that has to do with ideas and chalenges in our music and is not just a fucking fashion show that whines about why your girlfirend left you. I'm so fucking sick of this I could scream.

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