Monday, October 10, 2005

"Three months passed before they had something new to say..."

Remember The Escape Club which later became Chapter II? Remember standing outside in November trying to sell tickets to people who wanted nothing to do with your band? Remember the guy who asked you to cover another Tool song (what did you know...they were cool when you were 14 and in a band writing your own crappy music..)? Remember him asking if you knew "Prison Sex"? Remember Ugly Kid Joe and Scatterbrain being the biggest show ever? Remember Gwar covering you in fake blood? Remember Dee Snider being a dick during the worst snow storm you ever saw? Remember spending a whole February day trying to pretend you were Ornette Coleman while playing with Shrapnel Jack? Remember when they had the name Filter first? Remember Gambit at the AMVETS having to pretend they were someone else? Remember that first big show you saw your friends at with Elroy's Fetish? Remember Trolley Car Blackout's first show at the Middle East? Remember Joe talking to you about this great new band Quicksand and then he didn't know they had a full length? Remember going to see them at Axis? Remember talking about this great new band Nine Inch Nails before Soundgarden opened for Guns N' Roses at the Palladium? Remember the kid who did flips during Piebald's set at the American Legion? Rememeber Mason and Converge at the Red Barn? Remember putting the footage to that show in slow motion to Pavement's "Grounded"? Remember the last Splintered 12 show? Remember Cave In and Giant's Chair in Methuen when your door fell of your car? Rememeber watching "Slacker" at Chris's house? Remember playing Axis and Allies until 4 AM? Remember the old UFI where they weren't allowed to put on shows? Remember seeing Bubblegum Riot at the new UFI? Remember Lunar Plexis, Vision Of Disorder and Godflesh at the Rat? Remember when Amy had Gish before anyone had heard of the Smashing Pumpkins? Remember when she made you that tape with "Bleach" on the front and "Nevermind" on the back? Remeber the first time you saw that video on Headbanger's Ball? Remember Queensryche and Suicidal Tnednecies at the Centrum? Remember when Ben told you if you like Fishbone to check out Bad Brains, and 24-7 Spyz? Remember when the only ska band you liked was Fishbone because they weren't really a ska band? Remember Faith No More, Helmet, and Quicksand at the New Aud? Remember Ministry and Foetus in Fitchburg? Remember that week that Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Sepultura and Pantera all had new albums? Remember the first time you heard Black Flag watching "The Decline Of Western Civilization" when you were 15? Remember when Dave Mustaine blasted Metallica every chance he got? Remember Sam Black Church headlining a hall show once every three months in the area? Remember when you realized you hated Earth Crisis? Remember when you didn't think about being straight edge, you didn't have to were a shirt or patch to prove it, you just were? Remember when you first discovered 7's? Remember buying that first one (I think mine was Burn)? Remember identifying with what all those Revealtion bands were singing about? Remember being in the first row with your finger pointed singing along? Remember when it was okay to listen to things that sounded different? Remember remembering?'ll never be that good again.

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America Must Be Destroyed
By Gwar
Release date: By 01 September, 1991

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