Monday, October 31, 2005

"The only thing you fear is what they tell you to fear..."

Halloween, 2005 and the scariest thing in this world is the incompetence and carelessness of our governemnt. Such a spoiled brat mentality, that when they didn't hear soemthing they liked they jeopardized thousands of CIA operatives lives to prove that they had the bigger dick. Whether it's eventually directly tied to Rove or Cheney, or even more likely, neither, it's scary to think that we live in a country that will bully you out of your radio station license for making a fart joke on the air, but sees that it's perfectly okay to jeopardize people lives who live covertly t, oh yeah, capture intellegence for your own country. Not that i'm any uge fan of the CIA, don't get me wrong. I think it's been proven to a pretty evil orginization over the course of it's life, but all the pople who used that dummy company and were undercover behind the guise of this false front, their lives and careers are not only ruined but also in danger of being ended because of what they have been pretending to be over the course of thir employment. And all for what? So some government republic dick wad can use it as some pissing match to prove how big a dick he has. And after all this people still voted not only for this president who has no fucking semblance of an idea for what's going on, but better yet the puppet masters that pulls his strings behind the scenes. We are truly being fucked by this administartion people. And the worst part is their the 16 years olds drunk with the keys to the Mercedes and it's beginning to look like there's nothing we can do to get them out of the car. ANd now I look out and see the FCC (another cronie of our great president) saying Michael Powell didn't do ENOUGH and should have been finig more. And should a company try to stand up to what essentially is racketeering, they lose their livelyhood. It's a no win situation and all we can do is sit here and wtach it happen like zombies here on Halloween. I implore you today not to sit arounf like a zombie, speak out and do something about this administartion. He wasn't my choice, this administartion wasn't my choice, and it makes me sick to my stomach to think we should have to sit around and put up with this jock mentallity anylonger. This bullying of our rights, our selves, our own personage. Visit the first amanedment project, call Fox and Bill O-Reilly, challanege the so-called "vocal majority" and tell them they are wrong. Don't be a zombie.

Incidently...the Romero movies aren't just great horror movies, they are great social commentary. If only I could only say so much with so much gore someday.

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