Monday, December 19, 2005

Big Brother and Santa Clause May Be One In the Same...

While ailing with a monster head cold from bed this weekend watching the various news and news-magazine based programs, two things were brought to my attention that mad eme more than afraid not only for you and I but our personal liberties that the Bill Of Rights are supposed to be protecting and that, second by second this administration seems to be ripping down.....what exactly are we fighting for in Iraq exactly if we can't even stand behind our own constitution at this point:

1) Mr. Bush came out in his weekly radio address and admitted that the NSA have been essentially eavesdropping on Americans without warrants. Bush has allowed the NSA to wiretap certain phonelines without warrants from the courts. This reeks with and incredible amount of arrogance that realy should amke any American angry. All that's needed it seems is any sort of vendetta that the NSA might have against any individual (whether they be potential terrorists or not) and they have been allowed over the last four years by our President, someone who is in charge of upholding our cilvi rights and our constitution, to wire tap and base surveillence on people unchecked by our justice systme, an essential check and balance that apparently Mr. Bush (I call him Mr., because I don't consider him my president by any stretch of the imagination) figures he needs take not part in.

2) The United States and more specifically the CIA is involved in this process called Rendition. What happens is the CIA essentially kidnaps people they think may have information in connection to terrorist cells and terrorist activities, (and while Secretary Of State Condolezza Rice denies the following I don't buy her defense, following what we all saw happening at Abu Ghraib) brings them to countries where torture is legal, and interrogates these abductees until they tells us what they want, often using these tirture techniques in their interrogations. The story of a German man who was abducted and tirtured last night showed up on 60 Minutes and it is horrifying to say the least. A man is on vacation, is kidnapped tortured and let go only once the CIA realizes they have the wrong man. And after what does he get? Just an apology that there was a mistaken identity and that they had the wrong man. Never mind the fact that torture is wrong and outlawed by the Geneva Convention, but can we talk about first making sure we actually have the RIGHT PERSON to interrogate. The unbelieveable ignorance of human rights in this case is egregious at best and I know compeltely undertsnad why so many countries have it out for us. If we are picking up people willy nilly,then bringing them to countires to be tortured simply because it is the law of the land (and thius bypassing any possible laws we might have AGAINST torturing anyone)....the convience of these tactics not only worries me it sickens me beyond belief.

Last night, in his address to the nation, Mr. Bush finally acknowledged something that I never though I'd see admitted in my lifetime.He acknolwedged finally that mistakes had been made in this whole Iraq debacle. And while we still have sons and duaghters over there fighting for who knows what now...we still have no plan from Mr. Bush to get these soldiers home safe and home where they belong, nor do we have any semblance of long range plans to keep Iraq a stable demorcratic government. So in the end thousands of Amercanliuves have been lost on their shores and on ours, for nothing but Mr. Bush finally admitting he screwed up. And while he still keeps this pipe dream alive that this is nothing but another long line in monumental fuck-ups by his administration , I can't help but sit back and laugh. Because his apporval ratings went up this morning. Went up! Because he admitted he screwed up. Which many of us already knew. Many of us were already aware of the very words that Mr. Bush exclaimed on the TV last night.

And his approval ratings went up this morning.

What the fuck is wrong with middle America anyways?

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