Thursday, December 08, 2005

King Kong ain't got nothin' on Cassius Clay

T minus 2 weeks until I go on vacation. This is my first real vacation in two years. It's three years too late. My dad's suppsoedly hooking me up with hot tall blonde girls in Los Angeles, who are going to show me the night life. I'd rather go see Death by Stereo at Chain Reaction. But I do get to drive his BMW convertable around town. And they are tall blonde girls.

I'd comment and say I'm shallow but I don't believe in shallowness anymore. (I mean if you know me i REALLY care about driving a stupid car?) There's an initial spark that initiates any interaction between two people. More often than not, whether we want to admit it or not, this is a result of a mutual physical attraction between two people based on first impression and physical appearance. No one can deny this. It's what you do after that inital reaction, and your reaction to those people once you dig a little deeper that determines whether your shallow or not.

Anybody who says looks don't matter are full of complete shit. Of course they do. I just don't believe that ultimately, they are the only thing that matters. It's that period of time after you meet that determines the length of a relatiosnhip, which really is more telling then whatever frantic affair you might involve yourself in in the beginning of a realtionship.

People's tastes and perceptions are all different. this is how you end up with all different kinds of relationshipos between people. Christ, your own tastes and wants and needs change as you grow as aperson too. I used to think Paris Hilton was the greatest thing since sliced bread three years ago. Now I think she is a skanky airhead who's vagina I wouldn't touch with Johnny's penis. And that's purely ona surface level. I don't know Paris Hilton at all. I haven't grown to dislike her through a personal relationship with her (although there are others that have had a analagous effect on me, but I won't go into that now). But i don know that five minutes alone with her and I'd want to fucking blow my brains out. I don't care how blonde she is and how attracted I am initally to them, it's so not all about attraction. (Not to say color of hair solely detemines my attraction to a girl. It just happens that many of the girls I've been attracted to in life have been blonde.....anyways...)

My only point in this i supposed was to say that looks, hair color, eyes, body's not everything. It's just the first thing. If your basing an entire relationship on that first thing....then it may be time to adjust your own definition of shallow.

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