Friday, June 26, 2009

"Orenthal James Simpson 1947-2009"

(AP) Reports are coming in stating that Orenthal James Simpson has passed away today while incarcerated at Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada. Details are sketchy currently, but sources are saying that Simpson, affectionately know as O.J. to friends and family, was trying to defend a fellow inmate while being "shanked" mercilessly to death. This coming mere months after being sentenced at a noble attempt at vigilantism to reclaim his own possessions from a number of corrupt memorabilia resellers in the black underground racket of reselling celebrity items for huge profit. "He carries on in death as he did in life. A noble spirit who only thought about others, and was always willing to put their needs in front of his own," said former lawyer and friend Robert Shapiro.

Simpson came to prominence after a stellar and Heisman award winning performance as a University of Southern California running back in the late 1960's. Simpson parlayed this into a very prominent career with the American Football League's (and later National Football Leagues) Buffalo Bills. But perhaps how OJ is most remembered and beloved is for his role as Officer Nordberg, the dimwitted and hapless but lovable sidekick to Lesley Nielsen's Officer Frank Drebin in the hit Naked Gun movies. "[Simpson] played these roles with a gullibility that made you think he could be anyone's friend," said close friend Al Cowlings.

Simpson leaves 5 children from his two marriages. He died just short of his 61st birthday.

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