Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lies and how I learned to be Un-American....

Yesterday, the news with bombarded with stories about how gas was going to go up five to fifteen cents a gallon ans stay that high for a while to come. They followed this up by all sorts of "experts" urging people not to panic and run the the gas station to fill up their cars before the price hike.

Result: Gas stations filled with people filling up their cars all over the place yesterday trying to beat that gas hike.

This morning on the news, the EPA and other sources came out and said "Oh wait, the second biggest oil manufacturer in the country...them shutting down for a month or so. Yeah that's going to have little to no effect on raising gas prices, contrary to previous reports."

Shoddy reporting on the media's part (this information could have been gathered from other sources yesterday morning, but NO contrary opinions were presented in the news reports I saw yesterday on the local AND national news coverage in the morning whatsoever) or Big Brother Oil laughing at all of us again for the umpteenth time in the last seven years (not to mention the fact that again they completely manipulated the media into selling even more gas for them and provided themselves an out "We told people not to run out and get gas")?

You decide.

I, personally, can't wait for 2008. Maybe when we finally elect a new president we can have gas come down from the 4 dollars a gallon it will undoubtedly be by then.

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