Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Teeing off when you don't even play golf.

I'm tired.

Tired of this.

Tired of that.

Tired of people promising and not delivering.

Tired of people who re-live the past and no you can't go home again.

Tired of being interested when it only lasts for a glimpse.

Tired of yelling and screaming.

Tired of not sleeping. Well.

Tired of staying up for nothing.

Tired of waitng for repsonses from people who will never answer.

Tired of the old way things used to be.

Tired of hot summers and patterns that seemingly never end.

Tired of being alone.

Tired of being around people.

Tired of the way that people complain about life and do nothing to fix it.

Tired of you.

Tired of me.

Tired of people who mean well but will never change.

Tired of people carbon copying the greatest thing they saw or heard yesterday.

Tired of the bags under my eyes.

Tired of being lulled into a great conversation with no follow up.

Tired of being jaded.

Tired of being eternally at the wrong time and place.

Tired of wrong times and places.

Tired of waiting for tomorrow and something better.

Tired of waiitng for "the next thing".

Tired of chasing after people who stopped talking for no reason known to me.

I'm tired of being tired.

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