Thursday, August 24, 2006

If you don't like me stop looking this way....

I hadn't bought comics in like three months before today.

On my way I decided to walk down Newbury Street, to the Arlington stop to take in the beautiful early evening. What I realized on this walk might surprise you.

As the piercing screams of Chris Cornell's vocals and the wails of Kim Thayil's guitars blocked out the words of people around me staring, I realized I really don't like most people. Especially the people walking down Newbury Street.

It's not that I'm an unfriendly person, or someone who stands in judgement of other people. It's just that most people suck. Oxymorninc I know, but let me explain.

I'm also not a violent person, but I'd really just like to pop a few people right in the face. Just because of the smug looks they wear on their face. Smug is an ugly word. It's an even uglier countenance to wear.

Most people who walk down Newbury Street give you the knowing glance. The glance that says somehow they are better than you. That their 200 dollar t-shirt somehow gives them more worth, mor eintellegence than the shirt your wearing.

I would be more than happy to be friends with most people I meet. But most people won't take the time. But...I digress.

In general people are full oif themselves. They are slaves to the fashions that theya re told to wear, the music they are directed to listen to, and the make up they are sold on wearing. They look down on all others with disdain because material is more important than personal. To them.

Which is most people.

Fuck that.

Kim Thayil could give a fuck. And so could I.

The only people I want to know are people who want to know me.

I am such not a fan of materialism. Not to say I don't own things (we all own things because we like them or we wouldn't buy them) and like the things I own. I just don't think any of those things are more important than someone i meet eyes with walking down the street. And they certainly aren't imporant enough to care if I have them or not. I enjoy having things, I just don't need them.

Which most people seem to forget.

Look, I work in fashion industry now, I know what and how important "look" is to the industry.

It doesn't mean I place it's importance over the personality of another person.

Sure it's a oxymornic juxtapose world to live in. But you can't fuck if you don't fight.

While I'm rambling, I'd just like to say....when everything is going somewhat copasetic in your life some thing comes along to fuck up everything and rearrange what your were thinking previously.

How is it possible one person goes and fucks up your perception of everyfuckingthing. Then you're right back where you started.

Stupid. Should have never opened your fucking mouth. Or at the very least should have never typed on your fucking keyboard.

To those two I owe apologies, you know who you are. I can't help it. Even If I might have fucked up a good thing. My intension was to stay on the slightly straight and narrow. I mean that's what "dating's" all about.

Fuck you Corey Glover. (Cryptic but meaningful as an acosutic ballad blues song goes.)

I'm not saying anything else.

or as R.A. The Rugged Man would say...."I signed to Jive records and fucked up the whole shit...."


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