Monday, June 26, 2006

"Say another word and I'll cut your fucking throat..."

We stay silent.
We keep quiet.
We stay silent about the way we actually feel.
We keep quiet to avoid the drama involved in the situation saying something would cause.
We stay silent about the way the world falls around us.
We keep quiet and hope it will all get better.
We stay silent even though something tells us inside to be loud.
We keep quiet to hope it will all go away.
We stay silent because we're told we should.
We keep quiet and wish we had said something meaningful when it happened.
We stay silent because we're embarrassed.
We keep quiet until the storm passes.
We stay silent and hope that they're thinking what we're thinking.
We keep quiet knowing that you don't live here anymore.
We stay silent for a lack of words.
We keep quiet because we're simply stricken speechless.
We stay silent hoping we'll get another chance someday.
We keep quiet because it wouldn't do any good anyways.
We stay silent because there's strength there.
We keep quiet because we've said all we could say.
We stay silent and wonder what happens if we tell the truth.
We keep quiet because the truth never sets you free.
We stay silent because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
We keep quiet because you can't capture beauty, you can only behold it.
We stay silent when there's nothing else to say.
We keep quiet despite there's plenty to say.
We stay silent because timing isn't our thing.
We keep quiet because we just missed the opportunity.
We stay silent when we're shocked.
We keep quiet to shock.
We stay silent but to apologize for our past transgressions.
We keep quiet when we're not really sorry at all.
We stay silent to avoid.
We keep quiet to avoid.
We stay silent when what we want to say is what you don't want to hear.
We keep quiet to make things easier for you.
We stay silent even though everything tells us to shout.
We keep quiet to avoid embarrassing ourselves to others.
We stay silent because life is not a movie.
We keep quiet because there is no happily every after.
We stay silent when we want to give advice.
We keep quiet because no one wants our advice.
We stay silent, saying more then we could say with words.
We keep quiet because we like it better that way.
We stay silent and we keep quiet.
And it's making us lose our fucking minds.

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