Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We're not talking because you've got nothing to say.

Change is good.
Keep telling yourself and you'll be one step ahead of the rest of the rat race.
Metaphor for human kind.
What disgusts most, interests me but is that wrong?
Couldn't tell so i walked away.
Things become the same sometimes so we alter their existence in just the slightest way.
And as things die, new things are born.
Skin dies.
So you shed it and grow into your new one.
I can't hear with the yelling going on.
For just a second.
Hear that?
It's your future waving goodbye.
But only if you believe that to be true.
Fuck it, what do you have to lose.
Don't talk, just listen.
And pretty soon, everyone will forget you're around.
Change is good.
Don't make a sound.
Don't forget what made you what you are.
And even if you want to thank those people who helped you?
Don't because they're not listening anyways.
I had enough friends anyways.
As much as I may miss the one's who don't talk anymore.
Because they forgot I was listening.
Does that mean I value the new ones even more?
Because I stopped making a sound?
Why haven't we talked for more than 30 seconds?
Is it that we don't interest each other at all?
Or we're scared that we interest each other too much?
Why is it always easier to listen to yourself typing the words, then actually saying them?
Is that how we're most comfortable?
We're all most comfortable?
Introverted extroverts are the new shy people.
When will I get one step ahead?
Why do I always feel one step behind?
Change is good.

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