Monday, April 17, 2006

Ground Control To Major Who?

Does any one understand how much other nations laugh at us because we always have to whisper the word sex. Are we aware that by the age of eighteen the average child has seen 200,000 acts of violence and that's perfectly aceptable. At the same time, isn't a little ridiculous that the so called experts try to say that rologed exposure to sexual acts causes a rise in the viloent temperment of children? I'm not sure I catch that. I mean, I guess porn can be violent, but it never ends with someone's limbs being blown off or someone dying. And as snuff films were never realy legal to begin with, I'm fairly certain that the exposure to explict sexual material doesn't involve the denoument of someone getting stabbed at the end after the money shot.

These same people who are afraid of sex are the same people who ban these so called "curse words". Fuck, Shit, Motherfucker, Cocksucker.....they're just fucking words. They can't hurt any one. they do nothing but exclaim a feeling. I just don't understand what the big fucking deal is. Some would say I've become desensitzed towards the vulgar nature of these words. When the truth is, no matter who scatalogical they might be, these words tie back to sex. And it shows how fucking uptight we are in this country.
We're so uptight that we won't even let gay people get married or feel comfortable in their own skin. We're so uptight, that the mere utterance of any of the above words above, actually, fuck that, a mere allusion to the thought of something connected to the above words will get you fined.

They say it's "obscene".

obscene adj.
1)Offensive to accepted standards of decency or modesty.
2)Inciting lustful feelings; lewd.
3)Repulsive; disgusting: The way he writes about the disease that killed her is simply obscene (Michael Korda).
4)So large in amount as to be objectionable or outrageous: local merchants in nearby stores get hammered by stratospheric rents and obscene taxes

There's nothing offensive about a word or a fucking natural act. There's nothing lewd about talking about what's a perfectly acceptable human function. We're trying to teach our children that sex is repulsive and disgusting? For christ's sake, the fines being laid down on these people is obscene according to the above definition, not the actual "acts" the people are being accused of.

Obscene is the fact that the top 1/2 of the richest people in this country could feed to bottom 50. Obscene is that our movie stars and atheletes make more money in one season or on one movie then the salaries of some entire towns police, fire, and teaching departments combined. Obscene is the fact that our legislatures are shaming us into saying what they want us to based on the leadership in the religious right. Obscene is that millions of people a year die from disease, hundreds of thousands more from the debacle in Iraq, and wait where is all our tax money going? Obscene is the fact that we get to set up for the whole Bush administrations retirement fund through high gas prices this summer. Obscene is that the average child sees over 200,000 violent acts on TV by the age of 18, but seeing one remotely reference to sex is going to corrupt a child into a degenerate sex maniac.

I blame the media for most of this. And the internet. Because when I was a kid, (and my fathers a kid before that), we fund the secret stash, thought we were all bad ass, snuck a magazine to school so all your friends could see Madonna naked. Now it's proliferated everything. But that doesn't make it bad. It's just naked people fucking. Or just naked. Either way it's not harmful. It just is.

And meanwhile all of Europe laughs at us. "Look at the freest nation on Earth. And they get a little freaked by a naked body." I think most of my problem though is that if I were to make the decision to allow my children to watch something with sexual material in it i'm a pervert, a bad father. Whether I explain it all to the child or not. (Mind you I'm not making the judgement call here saying I would. But I think it should be much choice to allow my children to watch what I want to let them watch. WItht he proper guidence and talking, you could probably diffuse any of this. and no one can ague how quickly our children grow up today. Mostly as a factor of the society they grow up in. And I honestly don't think I would allow my children to see things I thought they couldn't handle. But that's my job. There's no rules books. If one parent thinks they've talked to their children enough and helped them differentiate fantasy from reality, and explained what sex is to a child and what it means...then that's their choice.) The point is all these fucking religious people are judging everybody. Judging me for swearing, allwoing swearing to be heard, allowing children to see whatever. judging everything and saying and telling us what is what and what SHOULD be what.

And in all this, they don't seems to see the irony in any of it.

I mean, there's all that stuff in the Bible about judging isn't there? Isn't judging bad?

Well let me judge for a second here.

Fuck off.

Stop telling me what is embarrassing and what I should be afraid or embarassed to say or think.

I'm tired of everybody laughing at us because people can't handle a naked breast or a penis or vagina exposed. (I mean... it's just a body part people.)

Aren't you?

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