Saturday, June 18, 2005

The temperature is dropping and so is my IQ....

"Being independant" is more than just a verbal phrase. Society sometimes piles on our shoulders that we always have to be involved with someone, that we can't enjoy the time we allow for oursleves. While there is a difference I believe in what is healthy alone time and unhealthy alone time, I don't understand why beyond that some people feel the need to have those they are emotionally involved with define them. Definition should come from within. While another person can compliment you, I don't think they should ever definie you. Your own definition is what gives you charatcer and depth. I'm tired of the girls I come across who need a boyfriend for no other reason than they've lost their own personality and need this other person to define them. We should, however, never confuse defintion and personality. I think a person can be shy and quiet and that is their definiton. I think they can warm up to people and become loud, outspoken and boisterous and this is there definition. What is scary is when you need antoher person around to tell you how your going to be, what your going to be, where your going to be, and most eggregiously who your going to be. If you don't have some sense to the answers to these questions, than the problem is you don't need any on. you need to figure yourself out first. It's find to find yourself, but if you haven't found yourself, what makes you think anybody else is going to be able to find you. And then your starting down that dangerouly slippery slope of deception with whomever you are trying to be with. While we're all left with temporary insecurites and unsecurities as to who we are, (it comes with the territory of growing and maturing and being a human being) what's so sad is some of these people who I see who have no sense of core deep down inside. It's these people who are lost. Acting fiercely independant and being fiercely independant are two completely different things. I wish some would understand that independence and simply being single are not mutually exclusive.

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