Sunday, June 19, 2005

Burnt Sienna is redundant by nature

Do you need any other reason to be afraid for our future than the weather in New England the last three weeks? Abnormal more than a state of being or mind, it's in the sky right outside the window. There's no longer seasons here, it's only about hot and cold, wet and not wet.

(I don't use the term dry because with the humidity, it's really never dry, sweat included.)

It's getting to be that a person can't even enjoy a day here anymore, because nature won't permit it. Nature won't permit boys and girls, because we've been bad. Get ready for the flood. It's coming. All those disaster movies were true.

(These are the things people like Johnathan Edwards would say back in the puritanical days. Only he'd say it was all God's wrath and not nature.)

I am far from religious so I don't believe this.

(The rest of my thoughts on religion will have to wait for another day though.)

However, I have become a huge believer in karma. And the way our atmosphere is treating us right now, this is a huge karmic bitchslap from mother nature herself. Floroclorocarbons be damned. We're being taught a lesson.

Don't ever confuse religion with spirtuality. They are completley unrelated.

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