Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fuck you, I like Grade.

Words were meant.
Games were played.
Things were bought.
Honesty was lost.
Cash was spent.
Time was cost.
Hearts were broken.
Thoughts were wronged.
Things were said.
Peace was made.
Feelings were unaccounted.
Meanings were misconstrued.
Births were witnessed.
Weddings were malinged.
Lies were hidden.
Smiles were feigned.
Lips were sealed.
Shame was left.
Eyes were worried.
Heads were ached.
Pasts were unearthed.
Faces were touched.
Kisses were stolen.
Dreams were deferred.
Beds were lain.
Sighs were loved.
Futures were taken.
Words were said.

You can't take it back.
You can't take them back.

Is it done?
Or is it undone?

What else can I say?

It can't be like before if we make it better than before.

Currently listening:

Headfirst Straight To Hell
By Grade
Release date: By 21 August, 2001

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