Tuesday, September 12, 2006


"So what are you gonna do kid?

Are you going to sit around, wondering what could have been, crying over the last great love of your life? Are you going to sit back wondering and dreaming about what could have been while time passes you by? Are you gonna stifle that passion with a look and a wink? Are you gonna take it, whatever is thrown at you, with out so much of a whimper? Are you gonna stay static in a world that moves around you, wishing you could have back yesterday? Are you gonna look in the mirror, reciting lines from a movie that's far past being in vogue, thinking that they meant something to the no one you're reciting to? Are you gonna make a dinner for one beside a piano that plays it's tune with no soul behind the music being made? Are you gonna let passion die without a fight or a word of truth? Are you gonna be the person so sorry that everone's sorry for you? Are you gonna keep listening to what everyone else would do in your situation? Are you gonna hold back for that one last chance even though it's the wrong thing to do? Are you gonna wait for that last breath, that last carress?

Or are you gonna go out there and usher in change? Are you gonna add electricity to thing thing that's causing that battery to run low? Are you going to stop fading and do something to make that meaningless motionless thing that surrounds you dissapate and start anew? Are you gonna take that dame by the hand and let her know not if but when? Are you gonna stop shedding tears and start s preading smiles?Are you gonna suck the life out of death? Are you gonna stop reading up and start acting on? Are you gonna stop making and start fucking? Are you gonna show confidence with out saying your confident? Are you gonna start running the whole race? Are you gonna look fear in the eye and tell it your all out of it? Are you going to stop pretending and start caring? Are you gonna stab that motherfucker through the heart and lick the blade clean? Are you gonna leave her dead in the snow and get on the plane and not look back?

What are you gonna do kid? What are you gonna do?"

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World's Apart
By ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Release date: By 25 January, 2005

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